The Mission Worldwide is a UK registered non-profit charitable organisation. We are eligible for tax relief through Gift Aid, find out more here.

The Mission Worldwide was established in 2007 and has built a foundation of accountability to ensure good practices and policies. We are accountable to a UK board of directors who ensure financial and legal activity of the organisation is excellently regulated, including activities such as submission to HMRC. If you would like more info on this please contact us.

The vision of The Mission Worldwide is to see an end to child sex slavery and human trafficking, and to see not only the rescue, but also full restoration of those who are currently enslaved. We will facilitate the rescue and restoration of young children who are being abused, exploited and/or trafficked. We will also work with at risk individuals to prevent them from such exploitation and abuse.

We are committed to fight causes of human trafficking and exploitation through NGO partnerships, coalitions, local community action and government engagement. To see an end to child slavery and exploitation; we are dedicated to fighting injustice.

Our current focus and commitment has been on Cambodia and the surrounding nations, given the high international profile of Cambodia as a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking.

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Iris Global & GCC are now partnered with The Mission Worldwide UK giving tax effective giving in the United States.

The Mission Worldwide registered Tax ID XT 7906.

Iris Global is 501c (3) registered Tax ID 33-0648658.

GCC is 501c(3) registered Tax ID 23-7310723.