Child Protection


The Mission Worldwide has a full Child Protection policy in place, which is reviewed, and means tested. The Mission Worldwide is also committed to prevention of abuse and reviews all staff & volunteers regularly, giving training and providing monitoring. A full police security check and references is requested before any individual is permitted to work with our children or adults.

Health & Education

We seek to provide each child with a calculated and healthy meal daily. For over 90% of the children the meal we provide is the only one they will be eating today, and therefore we take great care in providing one full of vitamins and nutrients. This does take our daily running costs a bit higher, but we believe it to be of great importance.

Sports & Exercise

We recognise that physical activity enhances children’s mental and physical growth, alongside teaching them about team work which equips them for the future. Along with a healthy diet, sports can help eliminate mental exhaustion and provide them with the much needed energy and strength needed to face the day.

Respect for themselves and others is developed through various activities, including teaching them about fair play, honesty & how to deal with conflict. TMW works to see each child develop within their individual strengths and grow in other essential skills to prepare them for further education and life itself.


At TMW we take great care to making every penny work hard. 100% of child sponsorship donations go directly towards the children on the ground. If you wish to make one off donations we can direct it to a specific project at your request, otherwise we will direct it towards the greatest need.

Your support makes a difference and helps continue the work. Whilst we can see that TMW UK’s work is having an impact, it’s not something we can continue to do alone.Thank you for supporting!


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