Will you become a child sponsor today?

You may not get pretty pictures of your sponsored child, we cannot promise paintings to adorn your fridge, and it is unlikely that you will receive a monthly update from your child. These children are not in mainstream education, are highly vulnerable and we maintain their anonymity for their protection.

Math Oudom eating water melon in the evening, Angkalanh Village.Could you sponsor a child that will remain anonymous to you? A child like this one.

Our centers provide education, a warm shower, fun and games and healthcare. We give each child a hearty nutritious meal carefully prepared by our professional staff. This is the only meal most of them will get because their families are so poor.

We give you the confidence that 100% of child sponsorship donations go directly towards working with the children on the ground.


For as little as 60p a day you can be family to an at riskĀ orĀ abused child providing:

  • Protection
    Daily refuge in a Mission Worldwide Day Centre.
  • Provision
    Food, clothes, medical care and trauma counseling.
  • Education
    To prepare each child for further education and job opportunities.
  • Rehabilitation Of Victims
    Restoring lives by offering restoration of identity, childhood and safety.